Hi everybody,

some of you might have been following my little posts on Facebook and Instagram during the past few weeks. For those who haven’t: I had the coolest vacation on the Balearic Islands.

Our first stop was Mallorca where we spent six wonderful days – sunbathing, jogging, sightseeing, hiking, climbing, eating delicious food… My best friend has been working in Mallorca for a couple of weeks, too. Luckily we had a chance to catch up and spend a great day with him and his roommates. Not only did they welcome us in their club, but also cooked us a delicios breakfast and took us to a secret beach 😉 Also, VINTAGE Sta. Catalina and Bar ES 3 (both in Palma) became two of my favourite spots in the whole wide world.

It definitely takes more than just a week to really get the chance to contemplate the beauty of this island, which is why I’m going back there really soon.

Our adventure continued on the beautiful Hippie-island of Ibiza. It’s hard to describe one very exciting week in just a couple of words or sentences, but I’ll try. Let’s say, we continued our fitness-freakness, delicious-foodness, sun-bathingness and added great partying, lounging and shopping. Lucky me, I got the chance to chat with JCA on the rooftop terrace of Ushuaia after a day-trip to Formentera. On that very same night we celebrated the Wisdom Of The Glove with some new and old friends at Pachá. On my last night there I interrupted my „music-break“ and sang a couple of songs with my friend Miles Island at Can Suldad.

The rain caught and caved us indoors just a couple of times, one time it started raining very hard when we got lost on our jogging tour. Ever since I’ve been sniffing an caughing, but I’ll be fine…

All in all this was a great and exciting time. Even before I saw Menorca one thing is already clear: I LOVE BALEARES <3 Sand Am Meer

Camp Del Mar

Bar ES 3



Formentera horses

Ses Salinas