Lenny Pojarov & Band

Fantastic show act for festivals, concerts, company celebrations, fairs and shows

Lenny loves being on stage bolstered up with a cool band, renowned soloists, dancers and also string and wind sections; no matter wether it’s in minimalistic or orchestra style, on stage Lenny and her band are performing a unity and refining every event in an unforgettable highlight. Since Lenny is able to communicate in 5 different languages, she always finds the right words to connect with her international audience.

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Lenny & band

A fantastic and energetic highlight to boost any party.

Unforgettable show in Cologne’s hippest live music venue where Lenny first presented her song RAY (now available on iTunes, Amazon and more).

Listening party of Lenny’s very first released work called DRAMA (a limited number of design-edition CDs available upon request and at concerts).

Lenny’s performance of on of her very favorite songs “You and I” by Medina with band. (Fan video).