Lenny Pojarov & DJ - Ihrer explosive Live-Performance zum DJ-Set

Dear everybody,

today we’re very happy to announce that Lenny’s brand-new single “Phoenix” was released. It’s a collaboration with a very fresh kid on the block named (DJ) Andy LaToggo. Just like Lenny herself, Andy is a bit “different”, energetic and very creative. Lenny and Andy both share the love of the Balearic islands and also of their producers Mike Rubin (Rubin Music) and Jens Maiwald (Maywald) who actually brought them together.


The modern, fresh and dynamic sound of Phoenix is the suite to Lenny’s exciting journey through the lands of electronic music. Guitar and strings are the organic connection elements between electronica and pop, since Lenny is a pop artist, the overall production is highly commercial and very danceable, too.

The team behind Phoenix might be even topping last year’s success squad around Lenny’s previous single “When I See You”. Both Maywald and Rubin are highly renowned, qualified and talented producers in the field of electronic dance music. Lenny and Andy on the other hand are natural born performers who put their spell on you once and for all. 😉

This song is very near and dear to Lenny because she wrote it for a friend who was almost killed in a severe robbery four years ago. To Lenny it is very important that people care for each-other and are there for each-other no matter what. This is why, we would love the world to hear Phoenix and get inspired.

Team Lenny

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